Restoring Your Health Laguna Beach Style

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Restoring Your Health Laguna Beach Style

By January 17, 2015  

Laguna Beach is a hotbed for holistic alternative healing practices, which seem to be more popular these days for coping with stressful, frenetic lifestyles. A stroll along the beach is one way to relax, but if you want to de-stress on a deeper level, try meditation and energy work to experience some amazing health benefits.


Healing the body often starts with letting go of negative thoughts and quieting mental chatter. Meditation can silence those nagging thoughts and can occur when we are in a deep relaxed state, such as during a massage or while “floating.” I’m sure you’re imagining yourself levitating like a magician’s assistant. Not exactly; rather floating in a tank of Epsom salts and water, also known as Epsom salt tank therapy, or here in Laguna, simply as “floating.” “Where in Laguna does one go to float?” you ask. The Float Lounge, which I recently heard about from my holistic health practitioner, Rev. Melissa Wallace. Curious, I made an appointment to float.

I arrived at The Float Lounge with lots of mental chatter: “Will my body really float? Will I get claustrophobic? Will it be scary? Will I freak out?” I was driving myself crazy. But these thoughts dissipated the moment I stepped into the cozy reception area. Owners Roseanne Ramirez and Jeff Brion instantly put me at ease.


I felt like I was visiting long-lost friends as they welcomed me to my first float. After Roseanne guided me through what to do and what to expect, off I went, into the float tank. The roomy chamber relieved my claustrophobia anxiety. As I glided on my back into the mixture of 1,000 pounds of high-grade mineral Epsom salt and 93 degrees water, I was amazed at my body’s buoyancy. Within several minutes my mind’s chatter switched from daily worries to acknowledging new sensations. My body seemed to melt into the Epsom salt mixture leaving no distinction between my skin and the warm salty water, yet at times I felt like I was cushioned in memory foam. With only the faint sound of my heartbeat and no electronic gadget distractions, I truly began to relax. Those 60 minutes went by quickly and I came out feeling peaceful, yet alert. The Float Lounge is one of five in the country—Laguna is fortunate.


Laguna is also lucky to have Melissa Wallace in town, who is owner of Universal Core Wellness Center. I met Melissa at The Chakra Shack where she offers holistic healing services, including lifestyle and nutrition coaching, intuitive counseling, and Reiki and Shamanic healing. Receiving a treatment from Melissa is a nurturing, insightful, extremely relaxing experience. Her energy balancing treatments have relieved me of stress-related health issues from insomnia to back pain. Melissa also works on animals and discerned the cause of my cat’s allergies, which happened to be diet related.


Stress might be unavoidable, but calming the mind, relaxing the body and revitalizing the soul can alleviate its negative effects. So turn off that cell phone, go float, then hit the beach and breathe in that healing ocean air.



Visit The Float Lounge, at 1891 S. Coast Hwy, Ste. A, Laguna Beach, California or go to for more information. To book an appointment with Melissa visit or Call 949-887-8825

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