Akashic Records

Akashic Records


Why are you attracted to certain things? Why are your relationships the way they are? What are your greatest spiritual gifts and abilities?

Journey to the depths of your consciousness to discover hidden truths of your soul. Through the Akashic Records (The Universe Hall of Records )you are able to uncover the foundation of mental/emotional patterns, who you were and what agreements you made before coming into human form. Offering the opportunity for self-discovery by delving into subconscious memories, giving you a greater understanding of yourself, your life purpose, your life agreements and your life today.

Akashic records readings allow you to tap into knowledge that you normally wouldn’t have access to. It is said that these records contain all the knowledge of human experience, and the history of the cosmos.

In Sanskrit “Akasha” means sky, space or ether. This term comes from the Hindu mysticism. This “universal computer” is constantly updated and records every action, word or thought.

The Akashic records are also have been referred to by different names such as the collective subconscious, or the collective unconscious, cosmic mind or universal mind. These records are like a library that is filled with knowledge about past, present and possible future.

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