Remote Distance Healing

Remote Distance Healings


Remote (or Long-Distance) Energy Healing Sessions over the phone are every bit as effective as in-person!

Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are made up of different vibrational energies. When they are in alignment, we are healthy and happy. Our daily experiences (both positive and challenging), the people in our life, nutrition, and our environment leave a vibrational impact in our bodies. Over time, this can lower your energetic vibration and create blockages in your physical and subtle bodies. This can manifest as anxiety, depression, exhaustion, physical pain and disease. The priority in Remote Energy Healing is to release energetic blocks at a cellular level, open up your chakras or energy centers and restore the balance of the energy system to its natural state of vibrant health. Some of the common modalities I use are Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Medical Intuitive Scanning. You can relax in knowing that each session is designed to address your individual needs, and for you to have an optimal experience of well being and peace!

30 Minutes Remote or Distance Reiki Healing


60 Minutes Remote or Distance Reiki Healing