Planning a restful retreat? Holding an enlightening event?
Why not include Meditation or Reiki therapy?

Adding a relaxing component to your retreat or event allows participants to pamper themselves. Let them choose to attend a quiet, peaceful meditation session or treat themselves to a personal Reiki session.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and promote well-being. Our meditation sessions provide an opportunity for participants to enjoy peace and relaxation. No experience required.

A private Reiki session allows for the release of built-up emotional energy and revitalized life-force energy. Participants feel calm and rejuvenated after receiving a Reiki treatment. Sessions can be tailored to your events time table with varying lengths of sessions. Spiritual guidance is a part of every session.

At Universal Core Wellness Center® we have resources to provide meditation guidance and Reiki practitioners to meet your needs.

Contact Melissa to discuss your needs and design services to calm and pamper your guests.